CHASE Life & Wealth logo development - Unfold
Logo development for CHASE Life & Wealth financial advisors. From concept to completion.
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CHASE Life & Wealth

Logo and identity development


The brief

Marlize Chase is a financial advisor and over the past 23 years, she has formed close relationships with her clients. She is intuitive, confident and credible, and always goes above and beyond to provide the best service possible. 

Marlize’s old brand, ME Brokers, felt outdated and she wanted a new name and logo that befits her profession and character.

The concept

During the meeting with Marlize, she mentioned the vision of civil engineer Ildefons Cerdà cutting the corners of buildings in Barcelona to open up streets for better air circulation and sunlight. It wasn’t only a solution for 19th century Barcelona – it is still a working system to this day. This forward-thinking, future-planning concept corresponds with having a strong financial plan in place to create generational wealth and healthy habits, now and for the future. We wanted to incorporate this concept into her new logo and tried out a few ideas.



Using this concept we developed two icons


The name

We decided to use her surname, Chase, with the tagline LIFE & WEALTH, thus creating a double meaning on planning for, and going after the things that improve your life and wellbeing. We provided two options.


Logo option 1.



Logo option 2.

The design

We ended up using the C in Chase to create two different icons, both taking on a version of the square concept. As a result, we could also design a very simple pattern to be used as an extra element to strengthen the overall design. The client was pleased with both but ultimately chose the second version. We then refined the colours and font to create a more elegant appearance.

Final logo.


The result

Marlize Chase is thrilled with her new logo and we will be moving on to build out the rest of her brand.




Project management: Unfold

Design: Unfold

Name generation and copy: Elsabé Marais



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