WINGS Philanthropy of Gender Equity Report - Unfold
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WINGS Philanthropy of Gender Equity Report

Project lead & client management: Design for Development
Design & Layout: Unfold

WINGS is a network of philanthropy development and support organisations committed to ensuring philanthropy reaches its fullest potential as a catalyst for social progress. WINGS recognises that gender equity is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. Therefore, WINGS aims to raise awareness and develop concrete action for gender equity in the philanthropic sector.

Unfold took on the task of designing a report that maintains WINGS’ professional image while adding a friendly and inviting tone. We used natural and relaxed images of people at the heart of the visuals, aiming for striking opening pages in each chapter. By breaking up the text into smaller, reader-friendly chunks, we ensure that the content is easy to absorb without feeling overwhelmed by all the information. Throughout the report, you’ll find quotes from individuals engaged in diverse projects worldwide. This approach efficiently conveys specific challenges, solutions, and outcomes faced by organisations. We’ve given these quotes the prominence and space they deserve, allowing each voice to be heard distinctly. It was an absolute pleasure working on this report!

The WINGS Philanthropy of Gender Equity report was printed and also appears online.

WINGS Report cover

WINGS Report Page Spreads