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Connecting science and society

What we offer

Specialised research-orientated communication services that make science relevant to society.

We link the world of research with audiences using both traditional media and digital platforms.

Why it matters

If you work in research, innovation or another technical field, our team of communicators can help you promote your projects. We have a wide range of solutions at our disposal to support your work, regardless of your target audience – the private sector, academia, funding bodies, NGOs, the public or the media.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced science and visual communicators able to make research accessible to the public and to tailor information for specific audiences.
We collaborate with a range of academic institutions, research organisations and NGOs, supporting their efforts to communicate research, ideas and data.

Jorisna Bonthuys
Science writer and editor

Roulé le Roux
Designer and Illustrator

Anneke Potgieter
Technical editor

Ronel van Heerden
Publication Designer

Elsabé Marais
Editor and proofreader

How we work 

We follow an integrated approach to content development in that we do our visual planning and design in tandem with the development of content. This approach is followed across the board, whether we are working on a technical report, designing a website or producing a series of fact sheets.

Solid journalistic and design principles enable us to curate content in a way that adds value for our clients.

We are fluent in delivering engaging communication output across different platforms. A variety of tools for science communication, including storytelling and illustration, help us deliver your message in a way that captivates the reader.

Once we understand your audience and why exactly they are the target, we craft messaging to promote your work maximally. From a new logo to content-rich reports and digital campaigns, we can develop and implement it all.

Services offered


Content development
Reports • Policy briefs • Funding proposals • Writing • Editing • Social media 


Data visualisation
Infographics • Diagrams • Graphs •  Tables


Design and layout
Graphic design • Illustration • Digital marketing • Websites


Videos • Podcasts

Contact us

Do you need help delivering your message or communicating results? Please fill in the form below and we will contact you for further details.