Autogrow - Unfold
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Logo development, including corporate identity kit, helps startup launch quickly and professionally


The brief

Create a logo and identity set for Autogrow to enable the quick launch of a professional website and online store, beating the competition to the punch.

Who is Autogrow?

Autogrow designs, implements and sells automated growing solutions for food growers and the expanding cannabis industry.

Developing the logo

With this project, we needed to work quickly while also staying within the allocated budget. We settled on a design option that included two initial logos as well as a light identity kit comprising a colour palette and font pairing.  During our initial discussions, Autogrow owner Bertus Viljoen suggested using a sunflower somewhere in the branding. Since the logo needs to serve two very different industries, we decided to steer clear of looking too agricultural or leaning too much towards the cannabis market. From the start, we kept in mind that a simple icon will work well both for social media and for branding on smaller components.

Option one: Sunflower

By combining a gear with a stylised sunflower, this logo is optimistic and talks about growth and automation. A combination of green and yellow was the original colour option provided.



Option two: Leaf droplet

The second design option focuses on the simple idea that water = growth. A droplet is split so that one half looks like a leaf, while the other represents a water drop. The logo’s lettering is fat and round like a water drop or turgent plants. This design option was a firm favourite on our side.


Approved logo

After a few discussions, option one (the sunflower design) was the clear winner, but we borrowed a bit of the deep dark blue from the second option for the final colourway. The logo may be used in white text on a dark blue background, or as dark blue text on a white background.


The result

The result was a professional logo with a colour palette and font pairings that provide a strong foundation for the Autogrow brand. Using the vector logo kit we provided, Autogrow is immediately able to brand their products and vehicles by supplying printers and manufacturers with correct, hassle-free artwork.





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