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Machine Room

Making sense of a machine room, a daylight studio and a prep kitchen


The brief

Create a logo and identity for a new daylight photographic studio in Observatory.

Who is Machine Room?

Machine Room is a daylight studio that includes a prep kitchen and rents out kitchen props. It is owned by a producer, a photographer and a food stylist.

Developing the logo

There are a lot of industrial-inspired businesses and identities in the Woodstock and Observatory areas of Cape Town. Names like The Foundry, The Factory, and The Workshop are popular in this semi-industrial area. The Machine Room is not far from this in name, but visually we wanted to differentiate this studio from other places with industrial-sounding names. We also wanted to emphasise the niche nature of this daylight studio and highlight how well it is set up for food photography. 

We took our inspiration from chrome lettering often used on kitchen ‘machines’ (appliances), cars and bicycles from the previous century, and started working on some custom lettering.

The bold, bright and pastel colours from the ’50 and ’60s were good enough to


The lettering.

We wanted to bring across a handcrafted feeling in the logo’s design, so we played around with some script typefaces. However, a lot of them felt a little too frilly and ornate for a studio called Machine Room. After some exploration, we felt the solution below hit the mark.

Colour Palette

Although we drew inspiration from the colours of ’50 and ’60s kitchen appliances, we wanted to make sure the logo still felt fresh and modern. We opted for much more vibrant colours. The logo may be used as blue on white or white on blue. The logo may also be used in white in overlays on photographs. As a way to give the creative owners of Machine Room some room to play,  the blue logo may also be used on the secondary yellow, pink and green.

Watch the studio at work here.


Owned and operated by @3_peaks_productions and Food-Stylist Callie Maritz

Video credits

Videographer @briancseymour
Editor @barrys_william
Photographer @neilburtonphotos
Production @3_peaks_productions
Make Up @lizdoespretty
Gear @flashrental .
@damodelmanagement .



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