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tears hounds become trail dawgs

To give back and support a cause we believe in, Unfold took on a project close to our hearts, collaborating with a group of talented artists and creatives for the execution of the TEARS 2020 Calendar. When talented fashion photographer Ingrid Alice Irsigler told us about this initiative, we knew we had to get involved. And the result?
A calendar we hope will be treasured by many who love animals, design and creativity just as much as we do.

How one half of Unfold, Ronel, came on board to assist with the layout of the calendar, comes with a backstory. A friend of Ingrid Alice Irsigler, Ronel immediately agreed to take this on as a pro bono project when approached by Ingrid, who conceptualised the idea with her team. The other half of Unfold, Roulé, runs with the Muizenberg Trail Dawgs, a group of people who do trail running in the Muizenberg area, often with their dogs, many of them rescues. The premise was set for the successful completion of the project, while we uncovered touching rescue animal stories in the process, with at least six of the dogs in the Trail Dawgs’ pack from TEARS, with more rescues from other shelters.


“The Trail Dawgs is an informal group of mostly trail runners in Muizenberg who organise inclusive runs,” reads the Trail Dawgs’ opening letter to newcomers. “Of course, inclusive also covers our four-legged friends who are always more than welcome.” And it is these kinds of four-legged friends that are currently enjoying the limelight in the new TEARS 2020 Calendar, a spectacular calendar featuring rescue animals, both dogs and cats, that are looking for new homes.

“[We] are an accidental community that found resonance, friendship and safety in running together (with dogs) through the mountains,” writes one of the Trail Dawgs founders, Noah, about how this sociable group of people started. Much like the current TEARS rescues, these passionate trail runners and dog lovers found community and acceptance in a group of like-minded individuals. 

Each Trail Dawg’s story is different and heartfelt in its own way, but what everyone has in common is a deep-rooted love for their dog (or multiple dogs) and the absolute joy they find in doing trail runs with their animals. We’ll be sharing some of the Muizenberg Trail Dawgs’ stories over the next few weeks on Unfold’s Facebook and Instagram – be sure to follow us.


It really was a labour of love for the team behind the calendar. Renowned fashion and advertising photographer Ingrid Alice Irsigler and her fantastic team (Karin Orzol, Kay Koni van Niekerk, Andrew St. James, Sam Scarborough) came together over a period of two days in five locations – Red Hill, Vrygrond, the TEARS Cattery in Sunnydale, the TEARS Charity Centre in Retreat, and Witsands beach. “It was key to shoot this calendar in the communities where TEARS work. This shoot wasn’t just about imagining a better future for homeless, abused and neglected animals but about drawing attention to the communities that TEARS assists,” says Ingrid. 

After Ronel completed the layout, the print-ready product was handed over to Tracy Bouras from The Paper Shop, who completed the printing of the calendar. “This is the 12th annual TEARS calendar and we believe it is our best yet,” writes TEARS on their website. 

All proceeds from the sales of the calendar will go directly to TEARS Animal Rescue. We suggest you buy a calendar now before they sell out fast.

As Unfold we enjoy getting involved with projects that are both creative and meaningful. If you would like to find out more about us and how we work, get in touch.

Below is a list of the amazing people who contributed their time, effort, energy, creativity and beauty to make this initiative possible. Follow them and support them.

Ingrid Alice Irsigler Team: Ingrid Alice Irsigler: @ingridalicephotography | Karin Orzol: @karinorzol | Sam Scarborough:@samscarboroughmakeup | Andrew St. James: @Andrew_saint_James | Kay van Niekerk: @retouch.by.kay | Grace de la Hunt: @gracedelala

Models: Azola Ngalo: @azola_enn (D&A Model Management)  | Cammie Fisher: @cammie_fisher (D&A Model Management)  | Danielle Wallace: @dan_annwallace | Franca Le Roy: @francageneva (ICE Models JHB)  | Jordan Van Der Vyver: @vandervyver (BOSS Models Cape Town) | Kerryn Du Rand: @kerryndurand (ICE Genetics Cape Town)  | Ideline Akimana: @official_ideline_akimana (My Booker Models) | Zoya Pon: @thatasiangirlza (ICE Genetics Cape Town)

Wardrobe: @xavierclarisse @lunarlifestyle @therealcrystalbirch @verysuperella @_yde_ @bulbuliathreadsofficial

Design: Ronel van Heerden, Unfold

Printing: Tracy Bouras, The Papershop

Writing: Jana du Plessis