Be In The Know | AVERT - Unfold
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Be In The Know | AVERT

Project lead & client management: Design for Development
Design & Layout: Unfold


AVERT is a UK-based NGO, that is committed to empowering people with literacy on HIV and sexual health to enable making better sexual health choices. Be in the KNOW was created to empower youth in Africa and South East Asia. UNFOLD was tasked to create the brand identity from a clean slate. We created the logo, colour palette, icon set, repeat patterns, infographics, social media templates, and reels.

Make the circle bigger

To be in the know means being on the inside or in a group that knows, in this case, knowing about sexual health. With this in mind, we enlarged the O in the hand-drawn logo typography to hint at this inner but expanding circle. As they say in South Africa on a dance floor ” Make the circle bigger”. Which is exactly what Avert aims to do with this youth brand.

The O is used as an icon and design feature throughout the brand identity and becomes the foundation of all design collateral. The primary logo is supported by a secondary landscape version, as well as light and dark variants. The extended primary colour palette supports the primary palette and is used in the icons and infographics. Darker shades of each colour allow more flexibility for website buttons and links. These darker shades also pass contrast tests for legibility and accessibility.


Creating icons

To effectively communicate concepts and ideas, we created a growing icon library. Here are a few to demonstrate the style and use of colour. To address sensitive topics, we use visual metaphors to convey a specific idea. For example, the peach icon signifies anal sex, the tongue licking a lollipop represents oral sex, and the Oh! represents an orgasm. Each icon is saved in various formats and set colour combinations for Avert’s team to use on social media, print, and their website.

Building patterns

The extensive icon library is used to create patterns that can be seen on social media and the BITK website. These patterns are lively, and inviting, and serve as a playful backdrop that resonates with the target audience.

Infographics to simplify concepts

The illustration style follows the simplicity of the icons making these scientific infographics easy to read and understand.



Sexual health infographics

BITK aims to normalise talking about sexual health and take the shame out of asking questions. The infographics are designed to give practical step-by-step instructions, answer questions, bust myths, explain concepts and open avenues to create conversations around HIV and sexual health.


A strong foundation

To ensure that the information can be distributed on many different platforms, we create different sizes and formats for each set of infographics. For example, the Talking about Condoms infographic appears as one complete infographic on the BITK website.  The infographic is saved in a carousel square format for Instagram and also in a moving reel with music. We’ve carefully set up templates to make sure all the infographics translate well into these different formats for maximum impact. The templates are shared with the team to enable them to set up their reels and carousels. We maximise the use of an infographic design by creating reusable templates, carousels, and reels in Canva.



Empowering our clients

We believe in equipping our clients with the necessary resources to take their brand forward. By designing an icon library and setting up Canva templates, AVERT can now build their own reels and carousels. This enables them to communicate directly to their audience whilst maintaining their brand identity.