Celebrating 20 years of Sassi - Unfold
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Celebrating 20 years of Sassi

Project lead & client management. Design for Development
Design and roll out: Unfold
Strategy and copywriting: Sarah Cornwell and Narique Sangster

WWF-Sassi celebrated its 20th year of existence in 2023.  Unfold was pleased to design two related social media campaigns for these ocean protectors. The first campaign was launched in June and focussed mostly on unveiling WWF-Sassi’s 20th birthday logo. The second campaign kicked off in November 2023 to tell the 20-year story of WWF-Sassi. We used the same art direction for both campaigns to link them together.

Animated logo reveal

The new 20-year celebration logo was revealed in stages on social media over four weeks. A four-part animation was created showing how the ocean fills up with ocean life as each week passes. The last animation ended with the 20-year celebration logo that we created specifically for WWF-Sassi.


Moving content (reels)

WWF-Sassi wanted to show people what they’re about, where they’re from, and how everyone can help protect the oceans. We did this by creating short videos for social media to get people interested and aware. Some videos showed interesting facts while other videos give the viewer a peek into WWF-Sassi’s history.

Social media templates in action

We wanted to create a consistent look throughout the campaign and designed templates for static content. Well-designed templates can save significant time, allowing us to quickly send out content while maintaining our high design standards.

After the celebration logo reveal, the template was updated with a new celebratory logo tag.


We created carousels as Q&A cards to tell the story of staff members as well as a community fisherman, Vukile.

Youtube 10s advertisement

The WWF-Sassi Stories campaign coincided with the release of their new website. We created a 10-second pre-loader Youtube advertisement to help drive traffic to the new site.