Men Care 50:50 Project - Unfold
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50:50 Project. Men sharing care work

Design for development invited us to join a creative team to design a new project logo for Sonke Gender Justice. Design for development played a project management and creative oversight role, Giles Griffin did copywriting, and we created the designs.

The brief

Create a project logo that will help Sonke Gender Justice promote equal childcare work between men and women, based on a new name developed by Giles Griffin and Design for development.

The process

Giles and Design for development worked closely with Sonke Gender Justice to come up with several project names, keeping us involved throughout the name generation process. The name options went through a few rounds of revisions and the team decided on the strong and simple 50:50 project. We worked on two logo options with colour choices with the team at  Design for development. Design for development presented the logo options to the client and our preferred logo was accepted with open arms by the Sonke team

The concept

It was important to convey the message that the family functions as a unit, therefore the faces are looking in towards each other. A stylised silhouette approach was used which opened the possibility to create a pattern as well. We used typography in different weights and sizes for a more masculine feel and also to balance well next to the icon.

The result

A vibrant logo that feels masculine and African. The logo may be used in two colour combinations, orange and rust-brown or turquoise and rust-brown. Using the African family from the new logo we created a repeat pattern that can be used in print and online materials.


Project management and creative direction: Design for Development
Copywriting and name generation: Giles Griffin
Design and illustration: Unfold



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