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Prime Squared Logo design

Innovative Engineering


The brief

Coenraad Pienaar and Kimon Comninos are two civil engineers, running a consulting business. They only needed a logo and letterhead, and we jumped right in. They described their business as detail-oriented, collaborative, innovative, forward-thinking, flexible and independent.


The concept

We wanted to create a logo with an icon. This enables us to use the logo and the icon independently as well as a unit. We also believe that a logo needs to be flexible enough to fit into many format sizes. Be it for social media, on letterheads or publications.

We created three options:

Option 01:

Like the game Tetris, one must carefully build from the ground up, making sure everything piece well together. Within these building blocks, Prime Squared finds custom solutions that fit within the specific framework of their clients’ needs. The word PRIME is hidden within the icon as an indication that Prime Squared leave their signature, talent and professional conduct on every project they work on.



Option 02:

The icon depicts a square that grows exponentially in three steps.  The icons speak of simple beginnings that can have a huge effect. A small company with a big impact.


Option 03:

This icon is a build-up from angled, stacked squares. It creates an illusion of movement like cogs turning. It even can resemble a tower build from blocks viewed from above. This represents a dynamic, flexible company based on solid problem-solving and engineering principles.


The result

Prime Squared decide on Option 01 with some tweaks. A more visible PRIME within the icon was created. They are incredibly satisfied with the outcome.