Ilifa Labantwana Webinar - Unfold
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Ilifa Labantwana Webinar

A collaborative project between Unfold (design) and Roth Communications (strategy, project management and writing)

The client:

Ilifa Labantwana is an NGO that “works to secure an equal start for all children living in South Africa, through universal access to quality early childhood development”.

The Brief:

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Ilifa Labantwana launched a programme, addressing significant problems within the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector, that were highlighted by the pandemic. ECD centres found it very hard to keep children fed, and staff paid and to comply with the government’s COVID-19 compliance requirements. Through digital vouchers and COVID-19 compliance packs, this NGO managed to send support right to where it was needed.

Unregistered ECD centres were included in this programme since they are unsupported by the government and were extremely vulnerable.

Ilifa Labantwana gained valuable experience through this project, which they knew could help ECD centres even beyond the pandemic. They wanted to share these learnings with specific government departments, other ECD organisations, funders, and the general public. This was to be done through a series of policy briefs, infographics and the main event, a webinar.

The Work:

With a webinar as the main event in mind, we created six infographics that cover the highlights of the project. These illustrative infographics set the visual tone for the greater campaign. The infographics were used as content for the webinar presentation, the six learning briefs as well as the project report executive summary.

We created a social media campaign to generate interest in the webinar and invites were sent out via a newsletter and social media. The content of the webinar was set up in Canva, so the client team could make last-minute changes and present easily. After the event, another newsletter was sent out that included a recording of the webinar, a video about the project, and a link to the resource hub on the website.

The outcome:

Ilifa Labantwana received a lot of positive feedback, interest in their projects and plans for collaboration from key players. We are celebrating with them and are grateful to be part of their journey.